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Attaching a new tailpipe


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Guys bit of an odd one this but can i ask advice on attaching a new larger bore tailpipe i have made myself?.Had a new aftermarket backbox recently and the tailpipe looks awful

I plan to cut back the thinner existing one and somehow attach the new one to the backbox. I guess it woukd be best to weld it on but is this something i can do at home with no welding experience? Both are made of mild steel.

Thanks as usual

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"I guess it woukd be best to weld it on but is this something i can do at home with no welding experience? " do you have some welding equipment? , if you were thinking about buying a cheap Arc welder, it would not be any good for this.  Arc welding can do some strong welds on thick metal and often does not look pretty. It's useless on thin metal, it just burns it away, it is too fierce.   Mig welder could do a good job but you would need to do a fair bit of practice on offcuts etc it you wanted to get a nice looking weld, these things are never as easy as the makers of the welders would have you believe.

I bought a mig welder for home use in 1987. It is a professional type one on wheels. when I went to collect it the place selling it had set it up to show me how to use it as they did not want to let me take it away without doing this. probably because they did not want to to ruin it and claim it was faulty. But I am glad they did this as I think it would have been difficult for me to get it right without the practical tuition. 

I would say to anyone buying a mig welder that it would help a lot if you know someone who has one to advise you on what to buy and show you how to use it.


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