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Door seals


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the car is notoriously noisy.  you can try padding the door with sound dampener, the door seals might help some wind noise if its coming in but to be honest its probably easy to just get used to it. My mates Mondy, Titanium spec, is so much quieter but when you get down in to the foot well you can see why. the whole cabin in surrounded in insulation.  the Zetec and zetec S cars have sports suspension meaning a slightly rougher ride.  I insulated everything from the boot to the front footwells and it did make a small difference but I suspect id need to get behind the dash and in to the doors to make it better. 

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Buy some sound deadening sheets and place them all over in the boot[under the carpet] - under rear seat - under the rear section of the footwell carpet - also stick them to inside of the door panel and the inside of the door skin....quietened it down for a local moaning neighbour about his focus.

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