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Pallaver ordering drive belts for Focus 2010

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I tried to order some bits from Eurocarparts today which turned out to be confusing thanks to one of their agents in the live chat.

I've got a 2010 Focus 1.6 100BHP.

I think the timing belt kit (INA) is this one:


I think there are two aux belts: one for the air con:


and the other for the alternator etc:



The guy on live chat told me that the timing belt kit isn't correct and gave me the Dayco part (which is the same fitment years+teeth+width) instead.

Can someone please confirm that the above are correct?

Also, a mechanic mate of mine is going to do the timing belt but he hasn't got a locking kit. Is one of the £8 ones off Ebay suitable? Something like this:



Thanks for any help

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I can't help you with if they are the correct parts, but I am looking to do my own belt (possibly)! So keeping an eye. I think you are correct, that there are two belts (auxillary), and one drive belt.

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