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Air bag warning light issue


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Bought a lovely Ford Focus Titanium 2009 from Trade Centre Wales back in Feb. 

Few days after getting it home air bag warning light came on. Next time it was off and then on and this carried on for few days. 

Every one said possible loose wire. 

to cut a long story short and keep to the actual problem I ended up taking car to local garage as would work out cheaper than getting back to trade centre where I'd have to leave it. (So I thought!)  live far from most civilisation so my local garage is easy to get to.

garage connected it to computer which said passenger side issue and booked it in for later date  to check wiring and remove box if necessary and cleared the code incase that fixed issue.  Light stayed off for few days then came back on & did same again. 

Garage Had car and phoned me up to say that someone had already removed the box and it looked like they'd had a good go at trying to fix this issue previous.   unfortunately now I was over my 28 day warranty!

They suggested I get a seatbelt pretensioner to see if that fixed problem. Still no joy.

they now think there could be a break in wire from the loom (whatever that is!)and the garage man who deals with car is away on holiday now but trying to find a wiring diagram for the car to see if they can work back from loom to find the issue.

absolutely gutted about my car  and hoping it's not going to cost a fortune putting it right, if it can be put right!

mot not due til Jan thank god. Trade centre saying that may contribute towards bill but I'm not holding much hope out.  The person who traded that car in knew there was a big issue they hadn't been able to fix.  I think they cleared the code and traded car in.  

Anyone with experience can offer any more insight into the problem? 


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Could try using a resistor in both the retensioner and air bag it may rule one or the others 

there is s download at the start of the page and you should be able to work out where the brake could be 

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i wouldnt worry to much .mines same model and does it on and off .i think its bad design wire connectors .i have a problem wit a high beam light that doesnt always work that i will worry about .

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If you bought from a business you have statutory rights which they cannot waive by saying you only have a 28 day warranty.


Key part


During the first six months after purchase it's the responsibility of the seller to prove the fault wasn't there, not for you to prove it was. 

The dealer can offer to repair in the first instance, and then if that fails to rectify the problem, you can get a refund (taking into account the use you have had of the car).

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11 hours ago, TangoDaz said:

You haven't mentioned the light issue what is wrong with the car?

me ?

as said light goes on and off every know and then ..i think the connectors fords use are not upto the job s causing the problems

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Micro......thank you very much. Phoned car trade centre. They tried to say about 28 day warranty but I quoted the consumer act and they are having the car in next Friday to their garage. I'll keep you posted. It many thanks for your advice. 

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Well it beats me.

I read frequently that an owner takes his car to a garage saying 'fix this problem'.

The garage does something and does NOT fix the problem.

The owner then has to pay up for the privilege.

Something is wrong somewhere, surely.


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