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Wing Mirror

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Hi all,

Some lovely person has cracked my wing mirror. (passenger side).

The indicator and painted cover is fine so can be re used.

I have the new part direct from ford but cant find a guide on this wonderful website on how to remove the old one.

The car is a 2016 Zetec S.

Any guide / help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Tilt the glass down as far as it will go and pull it towards you and the tabs will disengage.
Just unclip the heater wires and then reverse to fit the new lens.

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Thanks mate.

Its the whole unit I need to remove.

The wing mirror casing itself is shattered.


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I haven't done the job myself (thankfully) but i think I may be able to start you off.

The speaker cover needs to come off so you can access the bolt(s) underneath.

Pull the front side out without bending it too much and then you will see a trim clip at the back, you need a trim removal tool (bojo tools are preferred but may not be rigid enough to get the clip out properly) be cautious as they can snap.

Get the tool in between the part outside the slot in the speaker trim and the door body and wiggle it out, there may be another (not 100% sure but be prepared to lever the second one out if it exists) and then the speaker trim should be removeable.

Disconnect the speaker wires then the mirror wiring.

The mirror bolt(s) is/are behind a grommet that pops out.

Mirror should then come off, there is a lip at the top of the mirror mount trim so pull outwards from the bottom first.

Some photos from my car that may assist you-


Trim clip in detail-


Metal trim tools-


Plastic Bojo tools-


Short of stripping my car back myself i can't advise further but hopefully this puts you on the right track.



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