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ford satnav radio


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hi ford satnav radio just gone off in 2009 cmax can at one help plus changed it for a ford sony head unit but wont connect phone via blue tooth



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Did you install the correct type of Sony radio?

The phone not connecting suggests that you installed an incorrect radio.


Both the GEN 2 and GEN 3 Sony radio look identical from the outside. However there are technical differences. Next there are technical differences between the Sony radio's of the different Ford models.

The GEN 2 radio is based on the 1st generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.

The GEN 3 radio is based on the 2nd generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.

Radio's, wiring and modules of the 1st and 2nd generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system are not compatible.

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The exact type of radio can only be determined correctly by the part number.

Note that the date listed on the radio is usually the production date. Next to this ford also lists a expiration date on the radio. The expiration date is 5 Years after the production date. If the radio has a label with 2013 it can either mean that the radio was produced in 2013 or that the expiration date is 2013 and the radio is actually produced in 2008. 

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