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Lambda sensor or TMAP sensor

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Hi y'all, need to do something about my rubbish mpg, which sensor would give the best improvement or will i need to replace both.

1.8 Duratec HE 2010, milage:- 98000

The TMAP sensors are quite reasonable on eBay (aftermarket) but the lambda sensors are expensive.

Any recommendations as to what brand to buy, and has anyone increased their mpg by changing said sensors. 

Car is running fine, no stalling, lumpy idling etc just got a bit of "hunting" when she's cold, ok when she warms up

Thanks in advance, Chris.

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Probably 40% duel carriageways/motorway and the rest urban, I'm getting high twenties, very low thirties, and i drive it very sensible. Very rarely go more than 70-75 mph on motorway/duel ( on cruise control) and mostly change up at about 3000rpm.

Display mpg currently saying 28.8 mpg, which it's always roughly displaying. 

Put £30 in Asda last week, (50 miles left on range)  lasted me all week and i had done 175 miles till i put fuel in again, (50 miles left on range) i think i payed £1.13.9 per litre.

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