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HELP BUYING 2006 1.8D Focus


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Hi everyone,

just signed up to the forum so I'm sorry if i break any rules with this post.

I wanted to ask the help of you ford enthusiasts

I want to buy a Ford focus 2006 1.8 (1753cc) Diesel Manual 5 door hatchback

Its got 12 months MOT and cosmetically looks good, only thing is that it has 160,000 miles on the clock

What do i need to make sure has been replaced in a car this old, and roughly how long ago?

Like turbo, cambelt ect...


Many thanks for any help everyone!


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just about everything to be honest. id be expecting it to be on or very near its second timing belt / chain, valve clearances, the DMF and clutch will definitely need done if it hasn't been done already. Turbo will probably need an overhaul, suspension may need looked at, bushes. engine mounts.

Thing is, most of that might have been taken care of,  or it might not have :) 

I guess the most important one of them all is the timing belt / chain, that has the potential to ruin your day, I wouldn't feel comfortable without it being done recently. The suspension stuff must be ok if its passed an MOT but that doesn't mean its not on its way out. The clutch and DMF would be second on my list.

the 1.8 tdci is work horse of an engine, nothing quite like it, simple and effective but chains, belts and tensioners can snap all to easily if they are old

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As Dee_82 said, the engine is solid as a rock (the head is cast iron rather than lighter but softer aluminium).

I'm on 130K, all original clutch, DMF, turbo, injectors etc.  Despite what Ford say most people with the 1.8 TDCI engine on here say new cambelt and tensioner every 80K miles otherwise you might well have a VERY bad day!

A bit of recent service history would be good (mainly oil changes to keep engine wear to a minimum).

For me I'd say the main potential worries would be the state of the many suspension bushes in terms of being perished and also check the bottom of the front wings, the sills and the front of the rear wheel arches for rust.

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