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Damaged navigation sd card


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Hi all. Owned my 2016 focus for around 2 months now. Bought preowned. I got in my car this morning and get a information message to say that my sd card was not inserted for the navigation despite it being in the proper slot. I removed the card and it basically fell apart in my hands. It was split down the middle (along the joins in the card). Has this happened to anyone else? 

I checked the navigation card when I first bought the car and there was no damage at all. I reinserted it carefully at the time. 

My car did go in to Evans Halshaw for a puncture repair 2 weeks ago. The paranoid side of my brain thought they may have swapped it out! Clutching at straws. I just cannot see how the card can go from being perfect to being damaged so badly whilst remaining in the card slot. 

Any one else experienced this? Picture attached. IMG_20170427_075712.thumb.jpg.69794207a1939c7ca25de0baff157dc6.jpgIMG_20170427_075832.thumb.jpg.df68fcce3182061f606d851b962acf23.jpg

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