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Hi, so I posted a while back in the new owners section but circumstances have changed slightly,


So originally the old man was after an auto focus due to his leg not working properly, he found a my14 Powershift ti model and is happy, garage offered him a measly 1300 quid for his 09 zetec focus,


Inbetween this my subaru decided it didn't like it's head being attached to the block and proceeded to start protesting resulting in being stripped for parts, she was 20 with 180k on her so ultimately not worth the rebuild cost,


I need of a motor I've taken the Manual focus of my dad, she's fairly tidy needs a cambelt and 4 tyres but that's about it,


So far she's been clayed washed and waxed etc, the only other things I'm planning on doing are putting a better headunit and Speakers In,


so I've seen a few different guides on here about the install and headed off to eBay to look at wiring harness adaptors for the Speakers ideally I don't want to have to take it all apart and find out I don't have the correct type,


Do I need the connectors with the white plugs or black plugs that are on the bay ?


Anyway thanks in advance and here's a pic (tranny is mine but work vehicle) [emoji23]cb33edd8fe17474c5d719b9a272c9bde.jpg


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What headunit is in it? The Sony high oem I had in my mk2.5 sounded great (better than my mk3 if I'm honest)

if you want to drop. Double din in it you'll need. Different fascia with the square cut out

alternatively if absolutely perfect sound quality isn't an issue - the android oem style units are pretty cool!

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Hi thanks for the reply,

I want an android /phone /nav/ compatible unit, been looking at the pumpkin ones and a few others, not sure what head unit it has in now, doesn't say sony on the front so I assume it's just boggo ford ?

The headunit will have to wait till next month at least as the belts &pump are being done next week along with tyres

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