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B-Max Engine Fan/AC


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Purchased a used B-Max 1.0 Ecoboost 120bhp Titanium (late 2012) last week and picked it up on Thursday just gone as I really liked the car! For the kids it is brilliant being able to get and out with the sliding rear doors and the fact I like the Ecoboost engines (the person I live with has the E/B Focus (late 2013) and it is a brilliant car to drive. 
I've noticed with driving it over the weekend that the engine fan comes on if the A/C is used on the climate control, I've never experienced this in any car I've owned before that has had A/C. 
At first I wasn't sure it was the A/C but today whilst out I've tried turning the A/C on and off and it only comes on when the A/C is turned on. For example today after starting the car and putting the A/C on within 30 seconds of leaving the house the engine fan comes on, the car wouldn't have even heated up enough to justify the any high temp for it to come on. 
The person I live with doesn't have this happen when he uses A/C in his focus, which makes me wonder if this is an issue/problem.
If the A/C has been on in my b-max it continues to stay on and wind down even when I've turned the ignition off (for about 5-10 seconds). 
It's frustrating as you do notice that the driving of the car changes, with it being louder, a little juddery when idle and notice (or what I think to be a slight reduction in acceleration). 
Is this normal? I'm not a mechanic and don't claim to be! But my gut feeling is that this isn't normal.. 
Just wondering if the community here could help me or pass on any advice about their cars and if they have the same problem? 
I've tried googling it and have found that some people with Fiesta's have bought up this issue and someone had put pictures up about the positioning of the fan being wrong - maybe a design flaw. I note this as the salesman said they based the B-Max on the Fiesta..?
Appreciate any help please! Concerned I may have a problem I need to get sorted with the dealer. 
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My car will turn on the cooling fan, as well as the works vans. I presume it helps move air across the condenser when the car is stationary.

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