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Hi all! Our first ever ford. S max titanium


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Hi all! 

Im neil. Me and my wife habe bought our first ford ever.

A black a max titanium. As we can't seem to find anyone who modifies these, we're going to do it just to be different!

She has every factory fitted extra included on it.

Full leather / alcantra interior, 18 inch st alloys, panoramic roof, sat nav, and factory fitted dvd system and front and rear parking sensors.

We love it to bits and want to make the outside look ad good as the inside does. 

She has just had a full cambelt, water pump change. As well as a new thermostat housing as ours had a small leak.

We are bringing back to a stunning state we hope adding some tasteful touches along the way.

The car has been debadged to start the mods. Looks great! We have a brand new oem ford tailgate badge in route.

The alloys are being refurbed and colour changed to gloss black to match the car.

We also have the upgraded 2.5L x sport rear bumper coming and will have the twin exhaust system ftired. Once the bumper has been sprayed black! 

Will start a thread once we have enough to warrant a thread lol.

So hi from us!




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More pics
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