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MK2 RS exhaust tip removal (for cleaning)

James West Mids

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Hi guys,

I have the standard exhaust and tips on my Focus. They're getting a tad dirty, so I plan to degrease and polish to get them gleaming again.


Ideally, I'd like to take them off to do this. Can you take them off? If so, how? I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything on the subject.






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Standard exhaust cannot be taken off.

As they are a complete exhaust up to the cat the only way to remove it complete is to drop the axle on the left and pull the exhaust out.

If you have a angle grinder you can make a cut where you would then place a coupler. This is the same process when upgrading your exhaust as it saves time and would be replaced anyway.

The is the same for both RS and STs. Some after market do have separations, and couplers. In your case as it is standard and with the understanding its never been touched, then it will still be the complete piece. (just check just incase, might have a coupler there.)

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