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Mk2 focus and cam belt.


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Hi guys need some info on the mk2 focus 1.8 tdci please.

This car is due a cambelt change and I have done many cam belts but I thought I would check first.

Is the Mark 2 still a split design meaning it only has a belt from the injector pump to the cam?

Is there any difference between the mk1 tdci?

Do you not worries about the bottom chain/belt?

If it's just the top is it just the case of using the 5mm bar on the top and licking off fly wheel?

Any help please.

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51 minutes ago, Dee_82 said:

it may have a lower chain but it may also have a wet lower belt as well. worth checking before doing the job

My car build date is 15.05.2007.

I have been reading if your car was built after October 2007 then it would be belt and then before it would be chain, so I would think mine is chain? Can any one back this up?

Now the thing is I have a very nice BMW and I only bought this focus for my car that I run to and from work and do the odd dump run in, it save putting the miles on my BMW.

Now this focus ghia is very tidy but at the end of the day it cost me £1200 so it's a cheap ford and I have to out weigh spending silly money on it if you guys can see my point.

Now the question is do you guys worry about this if it's chain?

Do you guys still worry if it is a wet belt?

Should I only change the top half belt or would it be silly leaving the bottom?

This seems s very silly design?

Any info please?

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change them both, even chains can slacken off, rattle, weaken and snap. Belts, even wet belts can corrode, especially if engine oil cleaners have been used.  at the end of the day, once its done, its done and you can rest happy knowing your not going to smash your valves

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