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High Revs, Loss of Power


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Hi, ive got a 2002 Ford Focus 1.6 and im noticing that I when I am driving in 3rd/4th gear the revs are shooting up to the 3k mark.  It happens when i'm doing about 30/40 and has happened once or twice on the motorway.  One thing I have also noticed and im not sure if its related is that the speedo needle will drop down to zero, go back up and back down again and on one occasion the display where the mileage is has just gone blank and come back on again.  Its always at its worst when it hasn't been driven for a couple of hours.  I'm not sure if this could be a clutch problem or a mis-fire on the engine.  I am going to drop it into my mechanic in a couple of days but was just wandering if anyone might have an idea what's causing this so I know what im dealing with.

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Hi mate,


when end your in 2nd n 3rd at a slow speed put your foot down if the revs just shoot up n car not hardly moving this is clutch issue.


as for speedo dropping to zero am not sure mate could be some electrical issue there.

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