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So basically, started while driving to work around 2000/3000 revs car started to judder and lose power, then the engine warning light came on and traction light, I have a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 titanium diesel. Sat waiting for the AA when I tried to re start the car it is idling rough really rough. And the warning light it's flashing massively any idea what it could be as the car has just been serviced? It has been sat up not running for about 16 months due to me being away with work but it ran fine for last three weeks after service, and I've given it a good run every day as I travel back and fourth from worth 60 miles each way?!

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need to know the DTCs, a diesel needs air, fuel and compression to work correctly, those error codes will help narrow it down which part of that isn't working.

The most likely area to prevent the car working is fuel although a dodgy air flow or air pressure sensor can throw it way out as well.

fuel filters and fuel pressure sensors are the weak points,  regulators, pumps and injectors less so , if looked after they the most likely to fail is In that order, I change my fuel filter every 13k. my fuel pressure sensor failed just before xmas, everything else has been fine so far :) 

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