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CV Joint


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Welding iis done and I finally got round to doing the outer CV boot (Mk1 1.6 Focus 04) for it's MOT, I want to change the boot with the shaft still on the car so the question is... is there a circlip holding the cv joint or can it just be tapped off?. Everything is disconnected and cleaned up but it's not easy to see while on the car.

Cheers for the help


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Get a stretch fit boot and a fitting cone, simple. 
But yes, there is a circlip and giving it a few sharp whacks will knock the joint off. 

its hammer time. lol
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Thanks for that, had to leave it for today but will get back to it over the weekend (weather was amazing up here today, wished I had it in bits outside and not in the shed for once!)

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I cleaned the CV up today and can't see any way to get at a circlip, or did you mean I could hammer it off without releasing the clip?

I might pick up a stretchy boot tomorrow anyway but would like to know in case I need to change the joint sometime.



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