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Ford 6000CD System Problem


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Hi everyone, first post new member here and looking for help, which going by my browsing of the site before I joined seems quite a common problem.

I have a focus estate style 2009 with a 6000CD unit installed, I just get sound out of the passenger door woofer and tweeter, and just the driver side tweeter, the other woofer and the rear Speakers produce nothing now I thought the Speakers were blown but when I do the 3/6 channel test I get a loud tone from all the front 4 but very quiet on the rear 2.

Could the Speakers still be blown even if producing a tone regardless of loudness they cant can they ?

I am going to pull the stereo out first and check the connections but before I do just wanted to know if anyone had any ideals ?


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Tweeters are directly connected to the main Speakers. if no sound is heard from the main speaker this indicates a duff speaker.  The best way to check a speaker is to connect the speaker terminals to a 1.5v battery, you should hear an audible click if the speaker is working.

Ford Speakers are notorious for being naff.  a decent pair of 6.5 inch Speakers will cost you around £20 plus the mounting rings.



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