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New member with a problem car.


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Hi, I've joined today because I have a problem with my 2009 focus tdci econetic. I'd really appreciate if you can help me resolve it.

I bought this car in February 2017, it was fine for about 5 weeks then as I was driving along the engine malfunction light came on and the accelerator had no power. The engine remained running and all the lights, radio etc stayed on.  The brakes and power steering also still functioned. I stopped and the ecu screen said engine malfunction power steering. I switched the engine off and tried to restart it but it wouldn't. After a few minutes I retried and it started and I was off again. A few minutes later it happened again, I pulled over and repeated the above. Over the next couple of weeks it happened a few more times so I took it to my local garage.  They cleared all the faults with a diagnostic unit and took it for a test drive and it was ok. A week later it happened to me again 3 times in one short journey. I took it back to the garage and they suggested a new fuel filter which was then replaced. I then had an electrical specialist test it and he could find no faults. He said there was a possible problem with the alternator as there had been a possible spike of voltage, fault code 18v. I then had a new alternator fitted and tried to start the engine but the malfunction alarm went off again. The technician then removed the glove compartment and disconnected the ecu then reconnected it like a reboot. It ran fine for 3 months and approx 1500 miles but a week ago it started happening again both while driving along or from starting engine while parked. It seemed to take longer (5mins) before it would allow me to restart it.The key fob works OK by the way.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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26 minutes ago, Spav said:

How do I do that please?


think I've sorted that thanks.

Hi Spav, welcome to the forums! Just scroll down the main forum page and copy and paste your post in the focus section. 
Once done delete this post, if you need anything else just ask.


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