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Help. 1999 Mk6 escort


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Hi Everyone,

Finally purchased my First Ford, its not a mk2 but its all i can afford.  

I need some advice

Im based in Donegal, ireland.

The car is a 1999 mk6 1.6 Escort,   Shes a 3 door model. The car was converted to a disability car when new and the front seat was replaced with a removable wheel chair.  Original seat was lost by previous owner.  The car has only 31k miles, and drives like new.  The body work however needs a bit of tlc.  bottom of doors, rear arched etc.  im going to get these professional fixed

I want to add :

Front and rear splitters

side skirts

bucket seats

rear disc brakes

lowering kit


I will eventually replace the engine etc, but ill need to refill the piggy bank first.  

Can anyone let me know the best seats, splitters, skirts,  im just looking for a plain look, like the gti escort.  and also were to order the parts online.    

Also, if anyone would know what is involved in the rear brakes conversation to dics is this a big job?  Best parts?

I have attached a pic of what I am looking to achieve, mines is same color   

thanks in advance

love the site, keep up the good work.  



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Shame your not closer, I've got front and rear bumpers (with gti spats on them) ,gti half leather seats. .. Might even have fog lights for bumpers as well oh and a rear spoiler. ..

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