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Timpsons refusing to copy key


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I only have one key with a 3 button remote for mk2 focus

I can get a 3 button fob with transponder in it off eBay and use the car to program it

So I just need a metal copy of the physical key

But timpsons try to pretend the metal key is somehow mystically linked to the remote control, and they "have" to sell me a crappy one button remote with a "special" key for £45, and they need to have the car next to the shop.


It seems obvious to me they want the car car near to do exactly what I want to, which is to use the car to program their 1 button remote.


I don't believe a metal stick has a memory or is any way linked to the transponder in the remote fob  ,  it's just a carved piece of metal , right ??

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Timpsons purely want to sell you one of their cheap fobs which they clone rather than programming properly.
Go to a proper car locksmith, it will be money better spent.

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We had an issue with an Astra, where my daughter lost one key and the key she had although would start the car, wouldn't operate the doors remotely. We called a local vehicle locksmith.

He cut a spare key (none plip) and coded it to the car, so she could at least get in and start it, he recoded the existing plip to the car so she could open the doors remotely.

Cost her £40.

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