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Clutch bleed

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is this an easy one??

i have a v small amount of slip every now and again and the pedal is quite high

when i got it, the MOT advisory stated that brake/clutch fluid in reservoir was low but not below minimum. the guy said he hadn't done anything to rectify but its full to the cap now?!?

so i'm thinking with only 70k miles on the clock the fluid has never been changed

the brakes are a tad spongy so that makes me think that with too much fluid in the system, there may be some pressure already being applied to the cylinder??

my plan was to reduce the level via the clutch bleed valve (2 birds one stone)

i have an easy bleed system but would like to know of access to the bleed nipple is easy and where to look


ta in advance



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sounds like the clutch is worn out. you would be best to have it replaced and they will do it all for you.



my local garage charges me £30.00 a hour for cash

get the brakes checked aswell if they are spongy and change all the oils


the bleed is ontop the clutch on the rh side as your looking in the engine bay its a bleed nipple like on your brake caliper its bled the same way as its linked with the brake res so replce all the old oil then do a full brake and clutch bleed but it sounds like your clutch or a leaking brake caliper ?

keep us posted on the outcome


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i noted the minimum level is where there is a feed pipe (clutch?) so if the level went below this it could take in some air?

i'll do a flush through first as the fluid looks pretty black/grey 

best way to clean the system through without too much bleeding??

(the previous owner lost thee locking wheel nuts so access to the brakes is gonna be a PITA)


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A vacuum bleeder is by far the best way to bleed the clutch and brakes. It requires an air compressor though. 

Sounds like you have an underlying problem.

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what underlying prob? no loss since i've owned it. just really old fluid or someone has topped up with the wrong oil

the easy bleed connects to a tyre to provide pressure to the reservoir


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sounds to me like you have a worn clutch if you are getting slip with no fluid loss.

id also be very careful with using a pressure bleeder on a concentric slave cylinder. I have heard of a few cases now where it has actually damaged the cylinder and I've also had it happen to myself on a focus - and that was with very low pressure. Stripping the gearbox back off again wasn't my idea of fun.

It's recommended to vacuum bleed a CSC.


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so gave the clutch a bleed today 

a little air initially and some filthy fluid

its better but still slips a little 

the bottom of the bell housing and the gear box and the engine has a nice coating of oil so i still think its contamination mixed with an old clutch

it doesn't look too hard to get out from the workshop manuals - its just time i guess and investment in what is a very cheap car already

still having fun driving though and followed an 55 plate with parking sensors through bottom end of kingswood/rodway common


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here is a pic of where the bleed nipple is...



remove the air box and there it is...

take off the small rubber grommet and attach your bleed hose to your waste bottle under the car and with your fingers twist the white valve (no tools needed)

(I use an easybleed kit - so so so simple) 


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