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Air Filter Box


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Just purchased a Edge with 9500 miles on the clock ex Ford demonstrator car.

Had a look at the air filter to check its condition on removal of the filter element there's was about 6 large leaves in the bottom of the air filter box. That is the dirty side of the filter.

I can just emagine when you put your foot down and the turbo gets up to speed these leaves getting sucked up to the under side of the filter so reducing air flow and engine performance!

As this car is normally sold in the States/Canada with only petrol engines and the European ones with the diesel only perhaps the air intake is different and might require a 'Ford' mod to stop leaves getting sucked in.

When Autumn is over I'll have another look in the air box.

Apart from that happy so far with the car apart from today when we couldn't get out of the car as it wouldn't unlock until you stopped the engine!

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