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Ford Focus Ecoboost 99 or 125????


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Hi all!

So! I currently own a fantastic Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 99, which I absolutely love! This engine has plenty of power and go about it.

I've recently been looking at replacing my ageing Fiesta and have found a next to new Ford Focus Titanium; with very low mileage, with lots of added extras, everything I like about it and all at a fantastic price! The only doubt I have is it has the same Ecoboost 99 engine as my Fiesta. The mother owns a Focus with this engine and I test drove it and found it a bit more sluggish in the Focus due to the car's additional weight, but only when out of town and received approx 5mpg less. I'm wondering if this engine will struggle with say four people plus luggage in the car? Will I use a lot more fuel working it harder? Would I regret not going for the slightly more sprinted 125 if I go for the Focus I have found with the 99 engine and compared to my nippy Fiesta?

Thoughts please? Many thanks!

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Hi Ian, welcome to the Forum.

When looking for a replacement for our old Mk1.5 estate I decided to keep looking until I found a 125PS version as the estate is heavier than the hatch anyway. I'd recommend the 125, you may be disappointed with the 99 after your Fiesta. Also it's interesting to note that the 125 can be remapped to a higher output than a remapped 99.

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I've got a 99 and a flake. Lol
It is a bit sluggish standard. I went for bluefin after a month , so now it performs like a 2 .0 litre n/a engine.

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The biggest advantage to the 125PS version in the Focus is that it nets you the 6 speed box. Much better than the old IB5 imo.

I've driven my mum's estate with 5 people in it and it didn't feel sluggish.

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