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Post MOT Whining Noise


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My 2005 Focus has done 120,000 miles (I do a lot of motorway driving).  Had the MOT on Tuesday, the only mechanical thing it had done was a bearing hub (car had previously been quite noisy but was much quieter after this).

Drove car home - 4 miles from garage - on Tuesday evening, it was fine.  Didn't drive it again until yesterday.  On acceleration over 25 MPH, there's now a very noticeable whining noise, I think from the engine.  You can hear the noise quieten when slowing down.

The garage isn't open on Saturday and I have to do a 140 mile round trip on the M6 on Monday (and am due to be away next Thursday, 270 miles down the M5).  After Googling, it appears it could be anything from fan belt readjustment (the noise doesn't sound like a fan belt issue, though), to gearbox/clutch bearings, which sound expensive fixes to me and it cost me £220 to get it through the MOT!

Time to trade it in?  Or could it be something or nothing?


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