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Question about stereo


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Yes it is possible to change the standard audio system with 3.5 Inch monochrome display or 4.2 Inch full color display for the SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 system with 8 Inch touchscreen.

However the wiring is also different. Next to the complete SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 system you also need the complete dashboard wiring harness or you have to modify the existing wiring harness yourself.

If the car currently has the SYNC 1.1 system the wiring issue can be solved quite easily by using an adapter harness that connects between the SYNC 1.1 APIM connector and the SYNC 2 / SYNC 3 APIM. This adapter harness does not exist so you have to make it yourself.


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Is there any difference in (or improvement of) the selection of commands available between sync 1.1 (which is what I think I have) and 2+?  What dash parts are needed to accommodate the touchscreen?


Actually, I think I understand - its the entire centre dash that changes?


And I assume a change to the CCC has to be made?


Also, have a look at this on eBay:


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