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Installed led footwell lights but they stay on


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Hi all.

Ive installed led footwell lights on my 3 door focus mk2 2006. 

I wired the pos into the dome light fuse and grnd into the stereo ground.

The footwell lights stay on all the time. On, off, locked, unlocked. The dome light works as it should, on with fob or door open and then dim out. The led footwells dont. 

What have i done wrong? I want them to work with the dome lights.



(Will the battery saver cut them out after 20 mins?)

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There are 2 live feeds to the dome light.
One is permanent live that works with the switch and the other one is the circuit that operates with the opening of the doors.
You need to swap the live feed to your footwell lights to the other terminal on the twin wired connector.

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I just pushed the wires in with the 'interior light' fuse as the addacircuit didn't push in right. 

Where is the twin wired connector? Do I need to go to the pillar?



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Run the cables under the dash and up behind the A pillars, just pull the rubber seal out until clear of the pillar and you'll have enough space to run the cables without removing the pillar covers.

Continue the run up over the windscreen behind the headlining and to behind the courtesy light.

You can use scotchlocks to attach the wires if wanted but a better option is to cut the wires and use a chocblock or solder/crimp.

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Hey guys.

Just to make sure, as my fitting is slightly different from the pics Stoney posted.

Is it still the single connector that is switched live?

Is it ok to leave the earth wires connected to stereo earth?

Is that white wire in the pics standard/original?

Thanks again.



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