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Mk 2.5 focus installing led kit. Need advice before proceeding.


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Hello people. I own a 2009 black focus in Greece. Lately i am trying to make my focus looking more beautiful that already is. So i have device to install an aftermarket led kit into my h7 low beam lights. As always i search for everything that I need before making a step. So my question is except from the led kit. Will they fit directly into my sockets or do i need any holder brackets. And dust covers? I wanted to fit xenon kits but i am afraid of the heat that xenon produces. 

So any advice will be very thankful. 

Thank you. 

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Hi I've heard that LED Bulbs are not very efficient when used as a headlight as they need special reflectors to protect the light pattern 

LED Bulbs look good if used as side lights or in the rear lights as used in the ST / RS models and they fit your car all you need is the loom from the light to the cars main loom. You could always look at fitting a clear rear fog light if fitted to your car in your country 

as to fitting the LED Bulbs themselves I think it is a simple swap 




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Thanks for the advice. So should i install an xenon kit instead? I am worrying about the heat may harm my headlights. 

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12 hours ago, D!str0 said:

I wanted to fit xenon kits but i am afraid of the heat that xenon produces. 

Xenon & LED both produce less heat (per lumen of emitted light) then Halogen.

But the cut-off point is much more sharply defined, and they are brighter than halogen below this cut-off line. This means that to be legal (in the UK, and probably in the rest of the EU) and also to be considerate to other drivers, some care is needed. The exact regulations regarding headlamp washing, automatic or manual leveling, and beam pattern are complex.

Some research may be needed. Breaking the law, failing the annual vehicle test or invalidating insurance may be more serious than heat build-up in the headlamp unit!

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Yes i know it's illegal. And i have also read that unless your headlights is made for hid your are always gonna blind the other drivers. I have changed the standard halogen bulbs with philips xenon type bulbs that produce a more whiteish light than standard factory bulbs but i am not 100 percent satisfied. What do you people have in your cars?

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I bought my replacement headlight bulbs from CEUK brighter than std halogen bulbs,

I have had a few small issues with the sidelight led's but nothing that they did not sort out very quickly , all in all a good seller .

Hope this helps.  

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