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Metallic rattling sound

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Evening peeps am having an issue with the front drivers side of my fiesta mk6 zetec s I'm getting a metallic rattling noise when going g over small bumps and cement joins/seams in the road surface and you don't get it when the car is switched off/stationary no noise what so ever but when it is switched off I was jerking the steering wheel from side to side and I was getting a sort of thudding/clinking sound from the steering column where the shaft meets the rack under the floor is were the noise comes from and you can here it outside as well I've replaced a few suspension and transmission parts to try and rectify it but to no avail I've also ruled out wishbone bushes and inner and outter tie rods but I haven't checked steering rack mounts/bushes or top mounts yet its also lowered on coilovers which I got in February so can't be anything strut wise I keep looking on other forums on here but there useless and I just keep on ending back up at square 1 so any help at all is really appreciated and needed :wallbash:

parts replaced

drop links both sides 

Driveshafts both sides

Ball joints both sidessides

I'm also gonna put a couple of videos up of the noise I said about from jerking the steering wheel

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