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Steering wheel wobble when breaking

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Hi everyone, new here, looking for a few pointers on what my issue could be. I have a MK2 2005 Focus saloon with 85,000 on the clock and was getting steering wheel wobble when breaking, normally most prominent when breaking between 40-15 mph. I have had the car looked at by my local garage which I have used for years and seem to be honest and trustworthy. All they could find was a leak on the passenger side shock and a slight warp on the brake disc on the same side. I have replaced both shocks and both front discs and pads and had the front wheels balanced but the wobble is still there, no difference in intensity either. I took it back to the garage who had a look but could find nothing worn or not right which could cause this Now scratching my head on what it could be. I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty but this has got me stumped so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Numerous things could cause this.


You have done the right few things first.


Next to check would be a binding caliper or it could be the brake lines from the brake slave.

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