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Alloy Wheel Scrape


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Hi Guys,

Gave the alloy wheel a little knock/scrape against a kerb earlier today.

Took a pretty big scrape - long story short - besides getting it repaired do you think it could have done any other damage ? was a thunk noise against the kerb before it started scraping down the alloy.



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I hit the kerb whilst parking so doing less than 5/10mph probably

It definitely thunked before scraping along the kerb for a bit.

How can I tell if the tracking is off or there's any other damage ?

Is it likely there will be any ?

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If your tracking is off the car will pull to one side. Doubt you will have done much as that speed really. Possibly check the lower control arm to see if anything has bent, but if your tracking is fine then don't worry about it.

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