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Coolant Leak


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Hi all first post here got a problem with the Misses Focus 54 plate 1.8 ,had a coolant leak over a week there were no signs of the leak so i replaced the thermostat housing and thermostat(i did this because i had that part Go on my Y reg 1.8 petrol, which eventually did over 230k miles, best godamn car ive ever owned!).

Since then it has done approx 400miles, Anyway car has been fine until tonight  when ive the misses had the coolant pour out while doing some short journeys.

It seems to be emptying out from underneath the water pump somewhere maybe near where a rather large hose enters the bulkhead? i cannot be sure as it an air con unit which means i cannot really see anything clearly just the drips off the engine bottom.


any ideas anyone had anything similar?

many thanks J


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try and check the connector at the bottom and see if it has become loose a little, if all else fails maybe give something like this a try, only ever used this stuff once many years ago and it did the job


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so i could not pin point the leak but everything pointed to it being the water pump...so i just spent the day stripping it down & replacing said pump, had a good look at everything while it was stripped and everything looked ok all hoses etc were fine.


but guess what car is rebuilt started filling it with water, and on the second pour of water the drip returned lol WTF!!!


im at a loss now thats over £100 spent

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