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Mk7.5 - Fly behind speedo plastic


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I've got myself a small fly (now dead) behind the plastic covering the speedometer, he's literally right next to the needle (when alive he actually sat on the needle!).

I thought I could live with him in the cluster, but it's annoying me and I want to clean it out.  My mk7.5 has a chrome bezel around the two gauges, would popping that off (if you can) be enough to hoover him out?

Otherwise, I assume I need to actually take the whole instrument cluster out and somehow get the clear plastic off so I can clean it out?

Help / advice please!

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Maybe you could send a spider in after it... no, wait, that one didn't end too well... :wink:

(Sorry; nothing useful to add as whilst I've removed clusters from other cars I am not familiar with exactly what is entailed in the Fiesta)

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