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Suddenly failed to start


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Hello all

ive got a 2006 1.6 zetec and this morning I went out to start and it did nothing. All lights are on as per normal just failing to turn over ? The battery is fine and everything electrical is working as it should just engine not turning over. I’ve given the starter motor a few hits with a hammer to see if it was maybe that but nothing. I’m thinking maybe it’s not the starter motor ?? Any one else had same issue ?? 

Thanks in advance 

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i don't know what the connections are like on the starter motor on these. I recall the problem you describe was common on mk3 escorts as the wire on the starter solenoid that came from the ignition switch was a push on spade connector which use to work loose and come off. (the starter solenoid mounted on the starter motor).

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Are you sure the immobiliser is switching off? Not sure in mk 2s but there should be a red flashing light somewhere on the dash. When you switch the key to 2, the light should be steady on for a min then go off. If it flashes there's a problem with the immobiliser and I think the fuel pump won't prime.

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7 hours ago, lee0666 said:

The battery is fine and everything electrical is working as it should just engine not turning over.

Is there a click when turning the key to the start position? And any change in battery voltage at the same time? A battery can look ok until asked to supply a heavy load, then just die. But the lights would dip, and the voltage would drop a lot.

If the Immobiliser light is normal (one long flash, then goes out after turning the key), and other dash lights and indications are normal (including the odometer / trip meter), then I guess it is the starter motor or solenoid.

My solenoid failed a couple of years ago. Luckily I was parked at the top of the hill, with a couple of other people, one had a Landrover. But I did not need the Landy, just a little push, & I rolled off down the hill, and it started fine.

There was just a slight click when I turned to start, nothing else. I repaired it temporarily by removing & cleaning the solenoid, then replaced the solenoid for about £20 a year or so later as it started playing up again. But it was very hard to track down the right part. Normally the whole starter motor has to be replaced.

There is a fuse (F13 in the engine bay fuse box), and a relay. But if the battery is ok, and the relay R13 in the same fuse box clicks when turning to start, then it is most likely the solenoid or starter motor.

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