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Plasma gauges

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1 hour ago, Mike Ramsay-Fraser said:

One thing annoys me about my Streetka it's the black gauges and lack of clarity at night. Anyone fitted plasma gauges and how easy or difficult is it to do? Please tell me you don't have to strip out the entire dash.

What are plasma gauges haven't seen those?

White dials would be pretty cool too

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On 2017-6-30 at 4:22 PM, Mike Ramsay-Fraser said:

It's not the fitting of them that's difficult, it's getting the dash pod out.

Ah okay what's involved removing the pod?  Its not a dash out job is it?

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take radio out, remove heater controls and surround, remove upper and lower steering column shroud, detach headlight leveling switch, remove upper surround (the one that goes round the dash pod) then you can remove the pod itself. Detach speedo cable, unclip wiring including wires to dash lights and then you should be ready to go.

Put it all back in the correct order.

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Thanks for the info.  Wow that sounds like it is a heck of a job 😕.  I am seeing a pattern that nothing seems to be easy on these cars.  Even changing a headlight bulb appears to be quite a job 

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3 hours ago, problemchild said:

this is what i had to do just to upgrade the speakers in my smart fortwo...




My god that's crazy just to get to speaker's.   You think they would design these things like speaker and bulb access etc to be a little simpler.


I am dreading replacing a headlight bulb in my wife's streetka now I have decided not to upgrade the headlights as I can't find the clear ones anywhere.

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