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Mk3 2011 HVAC/Hcv??


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Hey everyone, 

Car - mk3 2011 

The issues i have are

1. the heater always blows hot air, even if temp selector turned to cold. 

2. Vent selector not working

3. AC wont switch on. 

Both front and rear heated windows, fan speed selector all work. 

These must all be related to same problem as all failed at same time. 

I need to check the fuses, relays and resistor pack? But i dont know locations or fuse/relay numbers? 

Could anyone help with this info and anything else please

Many thanks 
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if the fan works on all the speeds then it is not the resistor pack. If resistor pack was no good then fan would only work on full speed 

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Im stumped. Ive checked all fuses i can find. Under bonnet and footwell box locations. 

Are the temp control, A/C and recirc connected some how? Fuse, relay? 

What are the chances the actual knob control unit breaking internally? 

Im just confused on this! 

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The air conditioning may not switch on if there is not sufficient refrigerant in the system. As for the "no cold" selection, is the cable ok to the back of the hot/cold knob?

If you take the central trim off, and radio out, you can see to the back of the heater controls.

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The air con use to work. They all stopped at same time.

I thought it might of been a cable so did inspect and thereare no cables. Looks like its done by electonic signals. 

Is therr one control unit that powers the heater unit or internal fuses? 

Anyone got some electrical diagrams they could look at and see? 

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