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Focus 2.0tdci 2005 starting problem


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Hi, I've got a mk2 focus titanium, 2.0 tdci. 

Its been sat for over a year with no battery & a duff starter motor.

ive dug it out to fix up and sell on, but after fitting new starter & silver cal battery it fails to start.

it will engage but just click once as if say the engine is seized.

engine turns over by hand fine & the car runs perfectly when bump started down the road.

none of the relays or fuses are blown. All the earths are clean.

Now, if I bypass the cable that runs from the positive on the battery to the starter then on to the alternator

using  a pair of jump leads straight from the battery to the starter the car will then turn over with the key & start normally.

some one has mentioned to me this cable that runs from the batt over the starter then to the alternator can fry ?? 

There is some kind of fuse looking thing near the battery end of the cable but it is letting just over 12v through to the starter and then 14ish when running  ?? 


Any ideas would be great thanks  

I've attached a picture of the loom in question 



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I have since found out there is a 150 amp fuse on this loom , closest to the battery end. 


Ordered a new one  so hopefully that solves it 

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