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Eonon Sat Nav Car Stereos


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As an owner of an Eonon and past owner of near-identical models from the likes of Xtrons I'd say they're best avoided unless you really haven't got the budget for something decent. Make sure it's android though and not WinCE.

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I've got an Xtrons Android unit, running a custom ROM (Mayalisks), and aside from a few foibles it works quite well.

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I'm no audiophile by far, but I've had nothing but good comments from friends (also not audiophiles).

Points to watch for: if you buy from a UK seller you may have more rights than China (and possibly easier to replace, especially if you buy direct from the manufacturer in the UK).

The radios do sometimes crash, that's why I put custom firmware on mine. There are also a lot of different hardware revisions, the new ones are based on an Intel octacore chip.
bluetooth is buggy as hell, try and connect phone and OBD together can be a game (although doable).

The custom firmware author has done a great job with it to be honest, I can get some pictures later.

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