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Seat Covers anyone?


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Not sure if you managed to get any covers.. but I have the same issue, two kids with sweets, biscuits, sandwiches and muddy legs in the back. I am just about to order a set of covers from seatskinz.co.uk

They fit snugly over the top of the original seat cloth and can be cleaned! They have the cut patterns for the Edge.. they sent me pics to confirm. They should be with me in a few weeks (made to order) so give me a shout if you want to know what they come out like or want pictures of the finished items. 


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Let us know how you get on please?

I bought these https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel3.php?emulate=seatcover&query=8315&vptype=&category=Walser+seat+covers%2C+leather%3A and despite supposidly being for the Edge they didn't fit so I sent them back.

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I got my interior treated with stuff when I bought the car new,they coated it on the seats and everything,it definitely works as when water hits the seat it beads of instantly,seems good stuff.

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I'm just waiting for the cloth samples to arrive from seatskinz UK so that I can make my decision on what cloth / colour match the current seats. They posted them yesterday so hopefully I can get the order in Monday / Tuesday. Once they are made up and delivered I'll let you know and get some pictures for you. 

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Jim, my seat covers arrived today! They look great... but it's dark and wet outside so not got them in the car yet this evening. I will get them in this week though at some point. I'll post some pictures for you. Saying that... I just quickly put the cover on the 40 split rear back rest and it looks like an original seat.. apart from the slight difference in the material pattern and I went for black stitching rather than the original silver. 

Can't fault the quality and they come with the correct stitching for the airbags, including the "airbag" tags on the side. Let's see how easy they all are to get in.... I'll let you know. 

I don't have leather (didn't want the glass roof hence no lux pack on mine) so went for a similar material on the original seats and to be honest, they look virtually as good as the original. 

Not the cheapest at £230 (for front and rear seats + headrests and rear armrest) but if it means I can stop worrying about muddy kids, crumbs and mayo falling from Subways... then worth every penny. 

Update to follow when they are in.

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OK, so I have put the back seat covers on over the originals..... relatively easy although if I could have got the base of the rear seat out it would have been a 20 minute job.. It was more like 45 mins since the darn back seat would not come off the two metal retaining clips off the back. It un-clipped from the front fine! With the front un-clipped there was enough room to get the covers on. Just fiddly. The seat backs went on in minutes. 

Really pleased with them. They fit brilliantly and are pretty tough. You have to pull them around a bit to get them on but the material and stitching was all rock solid and didn't mind one bit. Only had to undo the centre seat belt bolt so that I could thread the belt through the cover. One 13mm bolt behind the seat came out and back in within  minutes. There are holes for all the headrests and the rear car seat restraints in the right places. The centre arm rest and headrests also gets their own cover. 

I didn't get chance to put the front covers on... I'm more worried about the back and the kids. I reckon the fronts are a 20 minute job for both. 

I was worried about the price (£250 all in) but given I get all the seats, headrests and arm rests and the quality is excellent, I'm over the moon. I paid as much for some rubbish Land Rover cotton covers that slopped loosely over my Discovery seats. 

Check out the pictures. The grey centre cloth is pretty much the colour of the original seats... it's a nightmare trying to get well lit pictures in the back of a car!

They are steam cleanable and I reckon will come off in about 20 mins if you really need to. They are not your normal "throw-on" baggy covers. 




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