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KA mk2 remote fob help


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I have recently bought a 2010 Ford KA (mk2) and have both original keys. One is a remote fob and the other a standard key. Both keys activate the central locking and start the car, however the fob buttons do not work and I cannot remotely lock or unlock the car. I have tried changing the battery but do not know how to resync the fob to the central locking. I've tried all the usual ford programming instructions (turn the key from 0 to 2 4 times) but can't seem to get the car into 'learn mode'.

I was expecting I would have to pay around £150 at worst, but after speaking to ford I have been quoted £280 to have a new key programmed! The problem being that the new Ford KAs are actually made by Fiat and apparently I would need a code individual to the car to have a new key made and programmed. Are Ford just trying it on or is this something most auto locksmiths would be able to do? Does anyone have any experience with having keys cut for the new style KAs? Or would it be possible to have a seperate fob made solely to remotely lock/unlock the car? Any help greatly appreciated, been giving myself a headache scrolling google desperately trying to find answers specific to the new KAs

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Go to Fiat then and see what they quote you. If that doesn't work is it really an issue using the key. Mine doesn't have remote central locking and have never once thought of needing it to be remote.

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