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Ford focus mk2 1.6tdci turbo failure !!!


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Yesterday I went to the shop and had the cat go into limp mode (engine system fault) manage to clear it and fine on way to work this morning.

After leaving work tonight I noticed a whistle sound from the engine bay, I popped the bonnet and noticed it was blowing from the clamp that connects the dpf and turbo, I thought I could make it home but car was soo underpowered like limp mode but even less power (10MPH) so I pulled over took the dpf off and refitted using gum gum to seal the gap which worked fine but when I tried to pull away the same thing happened 10mph 2800 - 3000 RPM at this point there's nowhere to pull over and noticed thick black smoke out the back, about a minute later the engine makes a hissing noise I pulled over on the grass turned the engine off opened the bonnet and the turbo was smoking/steaming and one off the dpf pressure sensor was blown off I tried to reconnect it but blew off as soon as I started the engine.

I have towed it to my garage. Am I right in thinking it's a turbo failure or do I have something more serious? 

Thanks in advance

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