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EGR Blanking Plate fitment on 2.0 TDCi Engine


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After searching high and low for information on this I'm resorting to starting a new topic. 

I've got an EGR blanking plate ready to fit in my 2.0 engine but I can't quite figure out whereabouts it goes. I've followed the pipe down to the inlet on the front of the block but after looking at the end of the pip its evident that it cannot fit in this location (oh how easy life would be if it did). I've found a guide on here which related to either the 1.6 or 1.8 TDCi lumps but would this guide also be the same for the 2.0 engine? 

If it doesn't, can any of the 2.0 guys who have fitted a plate on theirs give some indication of where it does go please. 

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There's a thinish silver pipe running from front to back along the right hand side of the engine.  At the end of this pipe at the back of the engine, almost underneath the bulkhead/rain gutter thing, theres a diamond shape connection to a thicker pipe.

Undo the bolts (Carefully - i broke one in it!), slide the blank between the 2 end pieces, retighten bolts. 




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36 minutes ago, flogger said:

undo ur wipers & remove the bulkhead thingy (couple screws) for easy access.....did mine in about 20 mins :biggrin:

I did not do this.

Oops. ;)

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