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Window Opening from key fob stopped working


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I have a 2014 Ford Kuga Zetec, The global window opening from the key fob has stopped working !! Closing still works fine and all windows open and close fine from the door controls. Its just a pain that the window opening using the key fob has stopped working as I like to open all the windows as I approach the car to cool it before i get in.

Just to clarify my car does have this feature as it used to work fine up until about 2 weeks ago.

Anybody know a solution to this?

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Not sure if this will help but here goes.

My 02 mk3 mondeo had global open/close just by holding the button on the fob, but on my 14 mk3 focus you have to press unlock then press and hold. Took me ages to figure out - i dont suppose its been to the garage recently and had a software update?

Also only seems to work within a certain range on my car. The car will unlock from miles away but global open seems only to work when I'm fairly close, though mine has keyless entry so don't know if that's relevant.

You could try resetting the windows, but if global close works the it might not be this.

The correct procedure is on forums somewhere but I think it is:

Open the window fully then press and hold the open button for 3 seconds. Repeat for closing then repeat for all windows.

Good luck!


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Check your handbook for the reset procedure as Phil suggests.

Had the same thing happen with my Mondeo.  Had to do the reset on each window individually

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