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coil overs


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Hey guys,

I have a ford focus 2006 1.6 LX.


Looking at getting a set of coil overs that aren't going to break the bank. What do you guys think of these:


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5 hours ago, Commencal24 said:

I can almost guarantee your ride will be pretty harsh to say the least, with coilovers what you pay for is what you get, how much you wanting to lower it?

Looking to lower 30mm but one shock is dead and others on the way out which is why I was looking at coilovers to get both jobs done

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Do not expect any comfort from such a cheap coilover kit. They are usually hard as hell which makes driving the car very uncomforteable. Next to this the durability of cheap coilover kits is usually very poor. 

A decent quality coilover kit usually costs a lot more money.


If you do not plan to sell the car any soon  I recommend to go for a decent pair of shock absorbers and a decent lowering kit. Decent quality shock absorbers (for example Sachs, Monroe or KYB/Kayaba) cost about €100,- a piece. A decent lowering kit (for example Eibach Pro-Kit) costs approximately €120,-. Next to this you should also replace the front top strut bearings when replacing the shoch absorbers.


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