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1.8F petrol engine coming back to idling slow


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In the link you will find a video with me revving the car. 2006 S40 1.8F (petrol) Volvo. As I educated myself the same engine has been mounted on the Focus 2 and other Fords.
I think once I release the gas pedal it comes to the idling point pretty slow.
It's also weird to drive. When shifting quicker it always surprises me with some energy left in those revs.
I also noticed that driving downhill in "engine brake" manner will not result in a 0.0 instant consumption reading. It will go from 5l/100km to 0.0 in about 20sec of full engine brake at aprox 3000 rpm.

A bit of history:
1. Bought the car recently.
2. Had the P2008 code, engine light on. Replaced the solenoid valves that control some swirl things. Light went of, code didn't appear anymore.
3. Seeing the slow response went back to the shop, found the 1549 code with the intermittent mention. Apparently it refers to the intake manifold flap. Cleaned it, the car drives the same, the code did not appear yet (it doesn't light any bulbs on the dash).

Any idea is welcomed/valued.


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4 hours ago, CalinBradatan said:

once I release the gas pedal it comes to the idling point pretty slow.

To me, it looks like the throttle body may be gummed up with viscous oily gunk, or something. So it is responding, but slowly. I suspect it is motor driven open, then spring driven closed. That would be easier & cheaper than reverse driving the motor.

If it was too slow, then an error code would show up. But the response time on the video may be quick enough to avoid the DTC, but slow enough to be annoying.

I do not see any way the intake runner or swirl valves could cause this delay. Closing the throttle should cut both the air & fuel, regardless of these intake devices.

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