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interior courtesy light bulb failure


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Hi All,

Not sure what's happening here but my interior roof light bulb seems to be working for a day and then dies. At first I thought it might be the LED's I was using so changed it for a ordinary bulb and it went in no time as well. Everything else seems to be working fine, no premature bulb failure whether filament bulbs or LED's are used.

Any thoughts?


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51 minutes ago, TangoDaz said:

Does this happen when you try to turn the light on using the toggle switch?

No, I tried the switch a couple of times when I changed the last bulb after I took the whole unit out to check for anything obvious wrong but mechanically it looks fine to me.

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Had same issue a few months back. Take the whole switch assembly out of the roof and give all the contacts a good clean up. mine were all corroded.

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