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Bonnet position is wrong near drivers side


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Hi all,

I've recently bought a 2nd Focus (1.8 petrol Zetec for the wife to pootle about in whilst I keep the diesel for commuting).

Although I reckoned to have given the car a good one over I appear to have missed the fact that the bonnet in the corner near the driver doesn't sit right.

It looks like it is sitting to low i.e. below the top of the front wing and it also catching on the top part of the wing and chipping the point off.  I know a bonnet can be adjusted forward/back and left/right but is it possible to adjust the height of where a corner sits or is the issue like to be with the hinge itself?




Focus Bonnet (02).jpg

Focus Bonnet (03).jpg

Focus Bonnet (01).jpg

Focus Bonnet (04).jpg

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Try adjusting the hinge / bonnet bolts underneath ( undo them slightly and wiggle the bonnet a bit)  there is usually  a little movement either way to get the bonnet spot on. you may need a friends help as it can be a bit heavy and awkward for one. This should do the trick for you.

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Thanks all.

Is it possible to adjust the 'height' of that corner using the 2 bolts on the hinge though, as it currently seems to sit below the edge of the top of the wing?

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You can adjust the height as on some moded cars they put spacers (bonnet lifters) under the bolts to lift the bonnet at the back right up  presumably to let out heat and  for cosmetic reasons  .I  expect that   just at the moment  you need to try and have a wiggle on the bolts at the back it will more than likely come right otherwise perhaps a spacer  of some sort underneath will do it but I dought you will need that. Don't forget some touch up paint.

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