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Fitting a Sony CD player in place of a Travelpilot FX


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Hi everyone, new starter here,so be gentle with me:smile:

Some advice please on audio units and part numbers required, if possible;

My 59 plate Focus TDCi Titanium has the Travelpilot FX Satmav/Audio unit fitted, but it's suffered the well know 'dead as a dodo & won't switch on' problem. I've been quoted anything from £300 to £500 to have the thing fixed, which is a bit steep to a Yorkshireman!

I've taken to looking at fitting a Sony single CD player, which seem readily available, but it seems there's a minefield of different part numbers that could feasibly fit. I understand I need to get the right one for all the functions like bluetooth to work, and the steering paddle.

I've spent the last half a day trawling through the internet, and I'm still non the wiser which unit I need to get as a direct replacement, though it seems it has to be a unit from a Focus, a Mondeo one for instance, won't do.My unit is secured with four screws behind the facia panel, not by the slots which require the removal keys.

Model No:  CD3XX-CDI-ISLAND-KW2000 seems to crop up, along with Ford Part No starting ?M5T-18C939-??.  It's the ? parts of that I can't also fathom out,as there seems to be loads of different ones.

That's where I thought now is the time to probably start asking!

Any help with be much appreciated.

Cheers, Dave

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Pretty much any Ford oval radio should graft in with no problems (apart from Mondeo ones as they sometimes cause problems).
Take a look at this one (listed with security code)-
The one I've linked above will be a direct swap.
You could go for aftermarket ones from xtrons or eonon but need more wire fiddling to fit.

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Basically, as Stoney says above, you can fit any oval-shaped model. Few pointers though:

1. Stay away from those listed without a code - it can be aquired, but it's an extra pain in the a$$.

2. Don't buy those with black "trim" around the volume knob - they're from Mondeo (or S-Max maybe too) and require an external amplifier which you don't have in Focus. You can also recognize them by an "Audiophile" label on the side and square-shaped connector on the back, near the antenna plug.

3. Look for one that has "Info" label on the top left button, instead of "CD-Info". They are newer models which support USB/iPod play and bluetooth music streaming.


Also, if you'd like to keep the features like GPS or bigger display, you can get unit from Xtrons, their new Android ones seems to be quite allright. (Though they still miss some features necessary for me, lol :D )

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