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Zetec S Red Edition 2.0 Diesel Advise


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Jesus, not logged in here since 2013 when I sold my old 2010 Focus 1.6 Diesel (Which was a mistake I might add) I forgot how amazing and handy it is with guides and advise.

As you can tell from the title I have since upgraded to a 2016 Focus Zetec S Red Edition 2.0 Diesel 147HP and I love the thing but I have a question.

I assume its the same 2.0 Diesel that's in the Focus ST which produces 185HP, anyone out there know if it is possible to upgrade mine to be similar to the the ST power? I literally have zero knowledge on engine remaps or chipping engine, just what I have read from googling but I take all that information with a pinch of salt.

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Crikey that's a long time away from the forum but welcome back.
There's a few threads on here about remapping the 147 diesel.
Just trawl the forum and you'll find them.
From memory tho someone got close to 185 horse and loved it. Can't remember which tuning firm but I think the info is in a thread about mpg of the 2.0 litre diesel.
Enjoy your car anyway. They're a damn good car.

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Hi, bought the  same car in March this year, 2.0 diesel ST line 150bhp 2016 model. 

after I'd run it in to 1000 miles I took it to Demon Tweeks for a superchips remap and a free K&N filter. 

OMG what a difference compared to standard, it's now 210bhp & 470 NM torque. God it's quick . Very very happy with it. Car nearly on 5k miles now, no issues . 


Fuel economy is still good , done a tank to tank brim check after 550 miles on same tank, averaged 52 mpg calculated manually. 

Absolutely love my car. 

Get it remapped, you won't regret it. 

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Thanks for the replies guys, I did have a quick breeze through the forum search and I was going to dig around later after work but now with DRS's comment I may just go straight for that as his car is identical! all but the ST-line badge, bought mine before they announced the re-branding.

210...Christ on a bike, i wasn't expecting that much difference DRS! Just had a butchers on the site and it looks like a no brainier from what you have said, got mine July last year and just clocked 9700 miles so its well bedded in.

just a couple of question for you if you don't mind...

1.Did you fit all that yourself? or take it to a center to get it all done as I see on the site it says "DIY installation" in the key features.

2.When you take the car for a service do you have to get it reverted back to its old settings? I know it will all void the ford warranty but I will be keeping this car anyway so no bother.

Thanks for your advise so far! really really appreciate it.



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Hi, yes if definitely beefs the bhp & torque up to them figures . 

If you look at superchips own website , which is where Demon Tweeks get the remap from


clkck on the view power curve in  the link , actually shows 214bhp . 

I took my car to Demon Tweeks for them to do the remap as I didn't trust myself, think they charged me £50 extra . My car only had 1000 miles on the clock so was a bit apprehensive to tinker myself. 

Not had it serviced yet, it's due in September, but I'm in two minds as to wether to take the map off or not, they gave me the hand held unit to take home thou. 

I think deep down I will leave it on, I did with my last focus Mk3 1.6 tdci but that was a custom map so couldn't take it off. I told the Ford garage when I took it for a service as I didn't want my ecu flashed and loose my map. They was fine with it. 

Dont waste any more time, get it done. It's sooo quick especially 3rd gear , 4th and it's up to treble figures very quickly. 


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No worries, keep me posted as what or when you get it done. 

I know the day I drove it home from Demon Tweeks after the remap, I was constantly swearing to my self -uck ing hell all the way home lol. It was night & day difference. 

I want to hear your experiences when you get it done. 

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