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Metal Key won't open car


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Hi guys,

I recently purchased a 2011 C Max Titanium. My key fob works fine as I have changed the battery when I purchased it. I thought i'd try to open the car with the metal key bit in the driver door. The key bit turns but the central locking doesn't activate...The car is still under warranty but thought i'd see if anyone could help me (save the trouble of taking it in)

Any ideas??

Cheers in advance


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2 hours ago, Indieguy82 said:

. The key bit turns but the central locking doesn't activate...

The driver's door lock should have a direct manual operation, so the key will unlock or lock that door even with no battery in the car, or complete electrical failure. It also has contacts in the lock that detect the key rotation, and send signals (Set/Reset) to the BCM (aka GEM or passenger fusebox). These signals activate the central locking on the rest of the car.

If the drivers lock does not work manually, the fault is in the door. If it works that door, but not the others, then the fault is likely to be in the door, but could be other wiring connections to the BCM.

Getting at the lock mechanism in the door is not trivial, I would not recommend trying if the car is under warranty.

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